Welcome to our Little Dragons Kung Fu

Our Little Dragons Kung Fu programme is awesome and is very popular with parents. Aimed at our 4 – 6.5 year olds we aim to give them some good foundation skills list below as well as some cool Kung Fu moves.

The 8 Little Dragon skills are composed of physical and mental benefits listed below.

The 8  Skills

Skill 1: FOCUS -This skill will help the children’s aim, listening skills and reaction skills. They will excel faster in any physical activities. This skill will also improve the children’s listening and observation skills.

Skill 2: TEAMWORK – Teamwork is necessary for any young child to develop. The more confident the children are willing to work with others, the more they will accomplish. The children will develop character, which will help them make friends and become a better leader in life.

Skill 3: CONTROL – Having control means making good decisions. Whether the child is handling a pet or handling a problem, they will learn to make the right decisions. Control builds confidence.

Skill 4: BALANCE – This skill is crucial to develop at an early age. The children are beginning to participate in many physical activities that are challenging, like riding a two wheeled bike. The children will develop good balance and a better posture.

Skill 5: MEMORY – Developing a good memory is exercise for any child’s brain. The sooner the children exercises, the smarter he or she will become. Our drills are constantly helping children think and make smart decisions.

Skill 6: DISCIPLINE – Our instructors use the drills to help create the vision that discipline is fun and rewarding. The children will take pride in doing the right thing. The children will follow directions better.

Skill 7: FITNESS – It is important for children to understand the importance of being healthy and physically fit. If a child does not burn off excess energy exercising, how will he or she burn off all that energy?

Skill 8: COORDINATION – The children will learn left from right. They will become better physical participants in sport and activities. The better coordination the child has, the fewer injuries the children will sustain during play and family activities.